Friday, June 28, 2013

Even a Stopped Clock Tells the Right Time Twice a Day

Martin Mackenzie had saved up since the smoke break to look at the clock.  He’d been informed by the girl in the next cubicle if you looked at the clock too early time would ‘glue down.’ The girl had jotted ‘time will glue down’ in messy cursive on a post it note then stuck over the corner of his screen. She smelt good when she leant over stick it on, like she’d forgotten to wear deodorant but it didn’t matter. Martin had had a fierce crush on her ever since. His uncle told him smell is more important than sight for attraction. Which was obviously bullshit. Still, this girl smelt good. And she’d gone to the trouble to glue down his time. Martin thanked her with a smile and a thumbs up (a fucking thumbs up?) but didn’t get a chance to say anything because the Team Leader was hovering and his KPIs were down again. Just as well because he couldn’t think of anything witty or punny to say about the witty punny note. A good pun deserves another good pun. Which sounds like another thing his uncle would say but probably wasn’t. So the girl smiled back. You know how some people have expressive eyes? Well this girl had expressive teeth. Not bad teeth; expressive, like when she smiles you can immediately tell if she’s being sincere.  

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